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Yes, all eNVy's come standard with an easy to use watering kit. This kit prevents overfilling and the spilling of any battery acid. 

No, the eNVy does not come standard with those items. 

No, the front bumper is an additional option that can be added during or after production. 

The fuse block is located under the hood. To open pull the two yellow tabs, depress the plastic casing and remove. 

The NV-4 model uses four 12 volt batteries. We recommend using Interstate Batteries. 

Yes, the NV4 does. 

Only use distilled water. All other water will damage the battery or could cause harm. 

We recommend at least once a month with normal use. The best way to gauge if water is needed is to look at the white indicator tabs on each battery cell. If the white is at the bottom, then it is time to refill. 

You should add water right after fully charging the batteries. Adding the water too close before the charge can cause boilovers and damage the battery cells. 

Yes. Leaving the batteries charging will not damage them. 

It can take anywhere between 10-13 hours to fully charge the batteries from dead. It is recommended to not let the batteries get below 80% of their capacity. Continuously deeply discharging the batteries will shorten their lifespan. 

The batteries on the eNVy perform best when recharged fully and often. Recharge the batteries daily or after each use of the vehicle. Note: do not change the battery model in the machine. 

In order to gain the highest performance: 

  • Fully charge the batteries prior to the first use, and keep the batteries fully charged to keep them healthy. 

  • The batteries will not perform to their fullest capacity until they have been discharged up to 50% and recharged 20-30 times. 

  • Never discharge the batteries more than 80% of their capacity. Deeply discharging the batteries will shorten their lifespan. 

  • Discharged batteries can freeze in freezing temperatures. Do not use, charge, or load test a frozen battery as it could explode. 

  • Keep batteries fully charged when not in use. 

  • If you observe ice in the cells, or the case is swollen or split, allow the battery to warm up before testing or charging. 

  • Do not charge batteries at temperatures of 110° F or higher. 

  • Range may change depending on terrain, trail conditions, temperature, and driving habits. 

  • If the electrolyte level is low, add distilled water up to a maximum of 1/4" below the bottom of the vent wells. Do not overfill. 

  • Adding too much electrolyte may cause a boil-over during charging. 1/4" over the plates is sufficient. (It's impossible to overfill with the watering kit included.)

Yes! The Charger Connect App from Lester is available.

For Android click here

For Apple click here

At the beginning of eNVy’s NV-4 battery life, you can get anywhere from 13-17 miles. After the batteries have been properly charged and maintained for 30+ cycles you can get up to 20 miles. However, mileage on electric vehicles is susceptible to a variety of things such as temperature, terrain, driving style, and load. 

We do not sell parts directly to customers. For all parts ordering, you will need to contact your nearest Intimidator dealer. You can find them by clicking the dealer locator button. 

That depends. The eNVy NV-4 is considered a PTV (Personal Transport Vehicle). This means it falls in between a golf cart and an LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle). What makes the NV-4 a PTV? The NV-4 has a maximum speed limit of 20 mph, comes with non-DOT tires, and non-LSV required items such as turn signal, windshield, and wiper. To see if your NV-4 is street legal we recommend reaching out to your local DMV and city government as there are varying rules and regulations between towns and cities. 

At this time, eNVys are only sold within the United States. 

No, the eNVy is only a 2WD vehicle. There is not an option to upgrade to 4x4.  

Yes. Two 30oz Yeti-style tumblers will fit in the rear cup holders. Image title

When charging the eNVy you need to make sure that you are using a 14 gauge or lower heavy-duty extension cord, meant to handle the large charge. If the chord is over 100 feet then you will need to go down to a 12 gauge. Using a smaller extension chord can ruin the batteries, the charging pack, or even do damage to your home's electricity. 

The Envy features direct drive, which means no belt slipping/replacing and fewer wearable parts.

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